Communication Analysis

Communication Analysis

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

It is difficult to keep track of the entire ecosystem surrounding your organisation. Irrespective whether it's your employees, stakeholders, competitors, the media or the public. Each of those entities is engaging in some or the other form of communication that effects your business.

The increasing quantity of open-source data produced by various entities and the need for quantitative analytics has introduced new and immutable challenges. Organisations must be comfortable in handling vast pools of diverse data sources and be capable of deploying algorithms to model, relate and interpret the same. We can help you with that.

Link Analysis

While traditional data grids can handle only limited amounts of data, our developed link analysis engine allows for dynamic scalability to process an immense number of requests need to be handled simultaneously to explore and trace digital footprints of the specific entities. Hidden relationships amongst the entities can be revealed confidently.

People & Places
Events & Organisations
Emails & phone numbers
Social Networks & IP addresses

Behaviour Analysis

People & Communication
Threat Detection
Mergers & Acquisitions

With the vast amount of data generated, it's increasingly difficult to understand patterns of behaviour and draw decision supporting conclusions. Be it people & communication, malicious botnets attacking your company's infrastructure or adversaries trying to manipulate your staff into fraudulent incidents.

We offer own developed artificial intelligence solutions that lead to cutting edge proprietary machine learning algorithms which allow your company to better understand how events are interconnected and present you with the big picture instead of only pieces of a puzzle.