Deep Dive Data Analysis

Deep Dive Data Analysis

Take a deep dive, exploit and use the data to its best.

Deep Dive is a trained data analysis system that gives the possibility of making inferences amongst entities and extracts sophisticated relationships amongst this very same.

The system tackles extraction, integration and prediction problems and provides a data analysis on a deeper level for surfacing dark data.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms allow our clients to better understand how events and entities are interconnected and unveil the big picture.

Enhanced Due Diligence


In the financial climate of our time, error margins are thin and investors & stakeholders do not look lightly upon poorly informed decision making and execution.

Demanding regulations and compliance standards hold companies liable to conduct adequate due diligence research that reflects a customer's risk profile.

Our Solution

While traditional due diligence procedures simply aim at verifying the identity of your clients and make sure that they are not involved in financial crime, our Enhanced Due Diligence research, based on own developed software solutions, offers more depth and detail when dealing with high-risk, high net-worth customers and large transactions.

Monitoring, Identifying, Anticipation

Risk Management & Security Advisory

Security Maturity
Regulatory Requirements
Attack Simulations
Penetration Tests

Combining risk management services with security advisory enable our clients to develop a strong and mature security culture. We underline this approach by delivering an own developed business aligned enterprise IT security architecture built on state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition the combination of Security Advisory with a comprehensive Audit & Assessement stream supports our clients on the decision making process on security investment, that protect their business model long-term.

Threat Intelligence & Digital Forensics

Security Awareness
Source Code Reviews
Reverse Engineering

Our threat intelligence services are built around the protection of our clients' business against current and emerging threats. We focus on strategic planning, threat communication and protection & eradication strategies by utilizing proprietary machine learning and statistic correlation methods.

The field of Digital Forensics retrieves sensitive data to uncover hidden vulnerabilities by following the digital trail invaders leave behind in the respective system. The investigation works in conjunction with data loss prevention, risk management and incident response services for preservation protection, mitigating and eradication. If needed a readjustment for thr prevention of future incidents is made.