Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Today the world's most valuable resource is information.

With Secure Communication we create a secure and interception-resistant infrastructure and end-to-end encrypted communication environment for any kind of entities.

Preventing the loss of sensitive information by electronic surveillance and counter surveillance for hard- and software.

Secure Conversations

Highly encrypted, own developed, phone app for secure conversations.
voice calling
file sharing
text+voice messaging
group messaging

It is of critical importance for stakeholders to protect their valuable information against leakage and theft. We provide a secure and encrypted own developed voice calling and text messaging infrastructure which allows your business to exchange critical information by mitigating the risk of any kind of espionage.

Counter Surveillance


Inspection of critical assets like office and meeting rooms and identifying potential surveillance threats.

bug sweep

Preventing eavesdropping attempts from electronic devices like hidden microphones, wiretaps, video cameras and transmitters by using bug sweeps.


Installing state-of-the-art counter surveillance hardware to protect the facilities against future inside and outside surveillance attacks.